Hello! My name is Rafael Toledo - or Toledo, Software Engineer born in São Paulo, but grown in a small town called Cachoeira de Minas. I started to work with software development back in 2010, in projects of embedded systems for telecom and access control systems, like biometric locks. I started to study Android a bit earlier than that but published my first apps at Terabyte Tecnologia, a small company founded with college friends.

I started to blog in 2008 (this one), writing posts about beginning with coding, web & game development, and Android.

I usually try to play guitar in my free time (a long time ago, I was terrific) and sometimes play video games.

And, most important, Elessandra ❤️ and I have two cute cats, Mika and Vega (follow them on Instagram to receive injections of cuteness).

Photo by Douglas Drummond.